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Adam Spang


Owning Ativo Fitness is definitely not my first career, but it has been by far the most fulfilling. It's been quite a journey to get here; I’ve worked in the Pentagon, took on various roles in the home energy efficiency field, and ultimately found my passion in fitness full-time several years ago.

My extensive experience in personal fitness and coaching has given me the chance to explore all different types of training methods at various stages of life.

We designed the workouts and program at Ativo based on the stage of life that many of us find ourselves in. As someone over 35, juggling a business and raising my young son, I face the same challenges as many of our members: struggling to keep myself fit while being the best father and husband I can possibly be. I truly believe this helps me connect with our members and coach more effectively.

I genuinely believe that Ativo and our Performance Program provide the best training environment, whether you’re new to weights or looking to take your fitness to the next level. Our small group format ensures personalized attention and support that larger gyms just can’t match.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community and helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Coach, Personal Trainer,
Nutrition Coach

Health and fitness have been the cornerstones of my life for as long as I can remember. My journey began as a personal trainer during my freshman year at Ohio State University, where I also earned my bachelor's in health promotion, nutrition, and exercise science. (Go Buckeyes!)
My dedication extends into nutrition. I’m finalizing my master’s degree in nutrition and human performance at Merrimack College and am on track to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. “I believe fitness and nutrition should be exciting parts of life, not chores,” is my motto. As a coach at Ativo, I’m excited to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with our members, making health and wellness enjoyable and attainable for everyone.


Coach, Personal Trainer,
Mobility Specialist

12 years ago, I embarked on my journey in the health and wellness field as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor. Helping others achieve their weight loss goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle became my passion.
My passion for a holistic approach led me to expand my expertise to include massage therapy, addressing injuries and stress management for my clients. Eventually, my own struggles with back injuries served as a catalyst for my evolution into a mobility specialist. Here, my focus shifted to enhancing joint health and preventing injuries. Today, I integrate fitness training, massage therapy, and mobility exercises into a holistic approach. This empowers others to embark on their own journeys toward improved health and resilience. At Ativo, I’m your go-to resource for mobility. I conduct assessments, offer one-on-one mobility work, and lead workshops. Be on the lookout for these opportunities to work with me and optimize your fitness game!

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