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Can I Get Fit Before Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I know, I know. The talk of the holidays while it’s still 80 degrees out might seem a bit excessive and downright uncalled for. But hear me out…

The holidays in 2020 were a little different; no parties, fewer seats at the table, or maybe you stayed home all together and connected with your friends and family on zoom. This year, however, we’re carefully and optimistically heading into more of a “normal” holiday season with all the festivity, celebrations, and get-togethers.

Finally, you’ll get to see your friends and family you haven’t seen in two years. There’s just one little problem; you want to feel and look your best but a global pandemic and a summer where you really let loose knocked you off track a little bit.

Do you have time to turn it around? Yes, you do!

As of today, September 14th, you have 10 weeks until Thanksgiving and 14 weeks until Christmas. So, listen up…

STEP 1 is you must start now, as in, “today” now. In the big picture, 10 weeks is not much time, but it might be just enough to kick things into gear and flip the script before the first cocktail at Thanksgiving. What you can expect in terms of results in a relatively short amount of time will differ person to person, but no matter your goal, starting now is the same for everyone.

STEP 2 is signing up for your trial week at Ativo. This gets you 3 classes in a 7-day period for just $25. This will give us a chance to get to know you, your lifestyle, fitness level, specific goals, set realistic expectations, and then deliver a plan catered to you.

STEP 3 is when you put the work in. Your goals might require a fitness plan of 8, 12 or 16 classes per month, which will wake up your muscles, kickstart your metabolism, and get you burning fat by the time CVS puts their Christmas stuff out.   

If your goals include walking in and seeing heads turn at the Christmas Party, we recommend one of our individual nutrition and lifestyle coaching packages. This is where we take a deeper dive and begin fixing what finally needs to be fixed in terms of how you work out, eat and sleep. This is that extra step you know you need but have probably never taken before. This highly individualized plan pairs you with a coach to provide the accountability you will need to look and feel your best and make this Christmas card one worth putting in a frame for years to come.  

STEP 4 is to simply enjoy yourself over the holidays. Treasure the time you have with your friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while without worrying about how much you’re eating and drinking. You’ve already put the work in, now it’s time to enjoy it all (then get back at when the party’s over, of course).

There’s always a catch, however…

If you wait to start, you’re losing time to make progress. The possibilities of what you can accomplish in the 70 days till Thanksgiving and 100 Days till Christmas become less and less the longer you wait. If you have goals, you must start today. Go to our contact page and submit your information, and we will reach out to you ASAP.  

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