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How Christy Conquered Sweat to Summer

As we joyously usher in the summer season, there’s an extra spark of enthusiasm in the air at Ativo. We’ve just wrapped up our first annual, 8-week “Sweat-to-Summer” program. Today, we are ecstatic to spotlight the individual who shone through with the most remarkable transformation in body composition – meet, Christy!

Christy, a longtime member of the Ativo community, has always maintained consistency in her workouts. However, during our “Sweat-to-Summer” program, she tweaked her routine for better results. Despite frequent work-related travels, Christy aimed to maximize every workout she got in. “I did try to push myself more in class, especially with lifting heavier,” she confessed, crediting trainers Adam and Josh for not letting her slack off when it mattered most.

The change was simple but significant – pushing harder and lifting heavier for increased effectiveness. By doing so, she was able to add over 3 pounds of lean body mass and shredded away nearly 2 pounds of body fat!

Recognizing the critical role of rest and rejuvenation in any fitness journey, Christy also strived to clock in 6-7 hours of screen-free sleep each night. By keeping her laptop and phone away from her sleep space, she made sure her rest wasn’t compromised.

Nutrition was also a key focus for Christy, who remains committed to daily hydration and healthier food options. Despite confessing to having a sweet tooth, Christy’s healthier swaps for her cravings are truly ingenious. Who would’ve thought chocolate chips in plain Greek yogurt or blended frozen bananas with cocoa powder could replace ice cream? Incorporating fruits and veggies into every meal, despite admitting to not being great at food prep, reveals her dedication and resourcefulness.

When asked why she’d recommend Ativo, Christy’s answer was straightforward. “Ativo provides the motivation and accountability of a fitness class, with the individual attention and support of a personal training session.” She is particularly a fan of the ‘quality over quantity’ approach, stating that lifting heavier and maximizing her workouts just three days a week, as opposed to dialing it in for seven, has greatly improved her overall health and energy levels.

Christy’s success story embodies Ativo’s core principles – it’s not just about sweating it out in the gym, but embracing a comprehensive lifestyle change that enhances your overall wellness. It’s about making smart, sustainable changes to your workout routines, sleep habits, and nutritional choices.

If Christy’s story has stirred a spark in you, come join us at Ativo! We provide a supportive environment that combines individualized coaching with group motivation, helping you reach your full potential. Just as Christy did!

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