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I Really Don’t Want to Workout Today

There are times when motivation is just low…

I’m talking about the days when it’s cold, rainy, you’re tired from work, you don’t want get all sweaty, or you don’t know what to do for a workout.

Simply put, you’d just rather not.

Those days. We’ve all had them and will have them. They happen when you’ve committed yourself to a plan or schedule, and skipping will make you feel guilty because you were perfectly capable of working out and chose not to.

So, what do you do?

You have two options:

1.      Take a rest day. Your current lack of motivation and desire might be trying to tell you something. Understand that your body gets tired. Tired from stress, poor sleep and nutrition, or if you’ve been hitting it hard lately and are worn down from too much exercise. We could dive deep into proper recovery practices, but for today just know that feeling run down and de-motivated is a sign that you could use a rest. Just a day to lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Permission granted. But this does not mean you have full clearance to choose this route every time you’re in a mood. When you rest, enjoy the time to get some extra sleep in the morning or do something fun with your rare free time after work. You’ve earned it.

2.      Your second (and best) option is to just move. Just start walking. Ride your bike around the neighborhood. Sit down on the rower and start pulling with no agenda or plan. Maybe just do 5 sets of 10 squats and 5 pushups in your living room at a leisurely pace. Go outside with your dog and chase him around a bit. Anything counts. Sometimes, this little bit of no-pressure exercise can lead to some of the best, most enjoyable workouts you have ever had.

By simply starting to move you have already succeeded. The act of getting off the couch, getting out of bed, giving yourself a kick in the pants, and getting moving counts as getting it done. The hardest part is over, you forced the habit, and checked the box.

Even if your activity falls dramatically short of what your normal workout would entail, you’ve reaped the benefits of your action because you made yourself do something you otherwise wouldn’t have done. This is the change you’ve been looking for. Right before your eyes you are becoming the person who works out even when they don’t want to. You are becoming the person that has a workout schedule that they keep. And it’s those people that have success and ultimately reach their goals.

Having a support system in place is a massive advantage to help get you moving. When you just don’t feel like it, having someone else offering a nudge can make all the difference. This can be as simple as a spouse that supports your efforts, a friend you jog with, or a coach that will know if you skip a workout. At Ativo, we specialize in getting to know you and your lifestyle, and help you make the decisions of whether to work or rest. If all you need is a little accountability, click here to claim your trial week and experience what it’s like to have someone in your corner during your fitness journey.

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