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Time for some tough love

Let’s kick off 2023 with some REAL TALK.

All too often people lie to themselves and dig for excuses to justify why they aren’t meeting their fat loss goals. “I have a slow metabolism,” “it’s genetics,” or “my body type isn’t meant to be like that” to name a few.

Some people will blame their hormones, yet do not know which hormones specifically; if they do, they cannot explain why their hormones are acting this way. Some hormones affect weight by increasing hunger or decreasing energy expenditure (such as the thyroid hormone). Yet most (if not all) who claim it’s their hormones are simply guessing since it’s likely they will take the steps to have their hormones checked by an endocrinologist.

There are also people who jump from one diet to the next and are NEVER consistent. Some diets are better than others, sure,  but one thing is certain: you have to stick with something for a long time to get real results. For many people, however, the only thing consistent is their inconsistency.

You also have folks who blame individual nutrients: carbs, sugar, seed oils, artificial sweeteners, and even fruits and vegetables. When in reality, research has shown people lose basically equal weight on all different kinds of nutrients so long as calories are set & they don’t stray from their diet.

Can I be real with you? Most of these are just reasons are used to offload personal accountability. Meanwhile they, binge eat on the weekends, eat out constantly (oh but it’s just a salad… with 1200 calories), drink like fish, & are never consistent or honest with themselves about what the problem is.

Your desire to protect your ego is what is crushing your progress. Yes some people have genetic & environmental circumstances that make it harder for them to lose weight. But do you really think everyone who has lost weight had a more manageable situation than YOU?

If you’re looking for some extra accountability, and a place that shoots you straight, shoot us an e-mail to get started. We’re currently offering an Action Plan with a money-back guarantee, complete with individualized nutrition coaching to deliver real results.

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