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What’s Up This Fall at Ativo?

The past 18+ months have thrown all our normal routines off the rails, and even today we still find ourselves adjusting to the “new normal.” However, there is one constant that remains true; once Labor Day passes, the crisp fall air rolls into New England and we feel the opportunity to start fresh.

Maybe summer got the best of you, and we get that. When the temperature heats up, and the beers are chilled down, you take advantage of every opportunity to kick back by the pool and just forget about “being healthy.” So maybe we are a little off track from where we want to be, but now is a great time of year to course correct.

The next couple months at Ativo are jam-packed with opportunities to hit that reset button. Having just opened our doors in August, we’re ready for you to join us and take advantage of our strength-inspired small group classes as well as our nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Our convenient class times make it easy for when you’re juggling a busy schedule and trying to squeeze-in your workouts.  


What’s the Deal with Lifestyle Coaching?

Many people know how to work out a few times per week, but don’t know what else they should be doing to reach their goals. At Ativo, all members receive guidance in areas that are crucial to health and fitness yet overlooked or ignored by most gyms. The emphasis for September, for example, is nutrition. All month long, members receive simple suggestions and guidance to make small improvements in their food habits. Members can track daily habits within the Ativo mobile app, as well as communicate with others in the members-only Facebook group.

Looking ahead October’s emphasis will be hydration. This is followed by our first “Movement Month” in November. Throughout Movement Month, members will go hard and hit several benchmark workouts and log their results to see where they stand. During the subsequent Movement Month, they will re-test the same workouts and be able to gauge their progress (gains!). These benchmark workouts (along with daily lifts) can be tracked within the app to keep yourself on track and accountable.

We’re currently offering sign-up discounts to new members wanting to take the extra step with additional personalized, one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Individual coaching is the most effective way to hit the gas pedal for immediate results and be transformed in time to see friends and family at the holidays.

Be on the Look-Out!

While we do not have an exact date just yet, keep your eyes peeled for the Ativo Fitness Grand Opening Party this October! Likely to fall on a Saturday evening, we will be inviting friends, family, as well as current, former, and prospective members to join us to celebrate our new location. Part of living a sustainable and balanced life is being able to enjoy a night out from time to time, so we hope everyone can join us to eat, drink, check out the new digs, purchase merch, and just overall celebrate our health and fitness with a bunch of cool people.

To learn more about Ativo, please do not hesitate to give us a call/text at 978-575-3599, hit us up on Instagram/Facebook, or send us an e-mail to

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