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A gym membership is paying for access to equipment. What you do with that equipment, for how long, at what intensity, and in what sequence is entirely up to you.

This monthly access to equipment doesn’t help you with your nutrition, promote consistency, accommodate injuries, build confidence, or bypass your initial fear of going to the gym in the first place. Does joining any old gym mean you can’t get fit? Absolutely not! There are endless stories of people who one day decided to flip a switch, began a routine, and stuck with it. These people are downright remarkable, but they are also extreme outliers.

Unless you consider yourself a member of this one percent that defies the odds, you will benefit from hiring a coach. Good coaches do more than just correct your form and tell you what to do. They’re not there to scream in your ear and shout “no pain, no gain” (unless you want that, but it costs extra). A coach is a person that begins a journey with you by meeting you where you currently are. To be effective, they also need to have a deep understanding of who you are, so they can give you what you need.

If you already have a coach, ask yourself these few questions:

Does my coach know what I do for work? If I’m in school, do they know what I’m studying? A coach should know what your day-to-day schedule looks like so they can help plan workouts and provide realistic nutrition assistance.

Does my coach know if I’m married or in a relationship? If you are, do they know their name and what they do for a living? A coach should know your support system and schedule so they can gauge how much support you have at home.

Does my coach know what my aches and pains are? A coach should know what exercises are most beneficial for you, and which ones to avoid to not only keep you safe.

Does my coach know what I did or where I went on vacation? A coach should at least know if you traveled, stayed local, partied hard, or took it easy. Why? Because simply asking, “what are you doing for vacation” shows that your coach is genuinely interested in what you’re up to, and how you’re doing.

Most importantly, does my coach know what I want? Wait, why is this question last? Because frankly, it’s the question that SHOULD be asked last. A coach obviously needs to know your goals, but they need to know who you are and what makes you tick to help you get there. By having the full picture, they can provide realistic expectations, create a plan with you, and help you take action.

At Ativo we are all about getting the full picture of what makes you, you. We don’t even talk about fitness until when we understand what you’re all about. Then, we learn about your goals and create a plan together that will work for your lifestyle. After that, you’re on the fast track to your goals.

People waste years lying to themselves thinking they’re part of the 1% that can do it on their own, only to be further discouraged after each failed attempt. Instead, think of your fitness journey from this perspective: investing in a coach is like booking a direct flight: you still make the trip, but there are fewer stops and starts along the way.

Take a different approach this time and get started with Ativo today. For the first time, experience what it’s like to get to your destination, faster, with the help of our professional coaches.

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